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Manos & Christina

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24 June 2023

We got to know each other quite a lot... So yes! We are getting married! We want you to join us on Saturday 24th of June at 17.45 pm at the Holy Church of Agioi Anargyri within the premises of Papaioannou.


Manos, Manu, Manolo!


The crazy-Cretan, the eternal party animal, with a restless spirit and a lot of appetite for life!!! His mottos "we only live once" and "shrouds have no pockets"! You can also call him "Mayor", as wherever we go, we will always be stopped by the following phrase "Manos! What are you doing here???"

By Xristina

tel. (0030) 6978038672

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Christina, Buzzing, my little girl!


She will give you a heck of a look and then decide whether to talk to you or not. At the beginning, she didn't even talk to me, but I got her! If she has to choose between a movie at home and going out for a drink, she will never get off the couch! She's seen it all over Pinterest, hence the rug pinned to the wall!

by Manos

tel. (0030) 6976577015

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Our Story

We first met many, many years ago at the student, summer-camp in Posidi, Chalkidikis... It took us more than a year and a random meeting in a local bus for the first joint drink...

The first date, that was forbidden to be called a “date”, was at the “Love-corner” bar, which actually was not named “Love-corner”!

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Our love in numbers







infinite trips!

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Our life through pictures

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Our wedding


Iera Moni Agion Anargyron

(inside Papaioannou Manor at Myleonas)

Melanthio 570 17


Papaioannou Manor

at Myleonas

Melanthio 570 17

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Optional Wedding Registry (IBAN)
GR23 0172 2150 0052 1510 5732 877

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Please respond by 28 May

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Write a wish!

Coming from far?

La Sirena
( Med - Mex Cuisine, Cocktail)

for food and drinks

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you took before and during our wedding. 

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